Manufacture of high-quality aluminum sand castings


Our company is a manufacturer of quality aluminum castings; producing castings for private companies, commercial manufacturers, and governmental agencies. We are looking for qualified candidates who understand the need for production of quality products and take pride in being a member of the Boose team.

In addition to competitive wages and growth potential, we offer excellent benefits such as medical, dental, vision, paid sick time and bonus opportunities.


Pattern Maker Apprentice

Requirements:  Gate new or existing equipment, prepares plates for molding machines, makes on-line repairs to patterns as requested or required, repairs and/or paints core boxes as required, rigs shell core boxes to fit shell core machines, assists in plant projects as needed.  Must be familiar with wood working and power tools.

Melt and Pourer

Requirements:  Place ingots and scrap metal into the furnace set at the designated temperature and for the required period of time.  Insert a graphite tube into the furnace from the top to de-gas and insert nitrogen for the required period of time.  Add appropriate flux to metal.  Vacuum Tests: Take samples from the furnace, sand the ends and checks for pin holes.  Collect coupons for Spectromatic tests. Label with correct furnace, heat number and alloy.  Have all vacuum samples checked by Melt Deck Leader for approval.  Using a thermocouple, check temperature of metal in furnaces.  Skim metal in furnace for impurities and slag.  Scrape and clean furnaces prior to shift.  Receives metal from furnace with a ladle and, using a skimmer, removes impurities from the metal, saving skimmings in appropriate container.  Carries ladle to the mold and pours it into the mold taking care to minimize the formation of gas holes and more...

Maintenance Mechanic

Requirements:  Responds to Department Supervisors for maintenance, adjustments or repairs to foundry machinery and equipment as well as building and grounds.  Prioritizes Maintenance Request Forms with first priority to production equipment breakdowns.  Provides maintenance, adjustments and repair covering mechanical, plumbing, hydraulics, lubrication, cleaning and electrical etc.  Perform routine preventative maintenance to ensure that machines continue to run smoothly.  Assemble and set up machinery.  Do general cleaning and upkeep of the property?s grounds and buildings.  Fix or replace electrical switches, outlets and circuit breakers and more...

Core Utility

Requirements:  Files edges/parting lines as necessary, and applies putty if required on cores that are 15 lbs or less.  Pastes or hot glues core pieces together to make complete cores.  Places completed cores in boxes or on carts in storage.  Maintains clean work area.  Carries out all duties & responsibilities in full accordance with the Company?s policies & procedures.  Fills out and records time on production sheet each day.

Core Machine Operator

Requirements:  Places boxes on shell core machine.  Ignites the burners prior to production to obtain desired temperature (approx. 475o F).  Runs machine through process for the period of time established.  Removes the core from the machine.  Using a hand file, cleans the core.  Cleans vent holes in core boxes as necessary.  Maintains accurate count of cores made and scrap

CNC and MAGMA Programmer

Requirements:  Produces machined patterns by setting up and operating a CNC Machine. Working from drawings, makes quality wood patters and core box equipment.  Set up CNC machines for production runs; makes sure the machine hast he proper computer progam and necessary tools installed.  Monitor machinery for any problems during the production run; If there is an issue, operator may adjust the program to correct the problem or consult with a programmer who fixes the problem.  After patterns have been machined, ensure that the pattern meets the specifications amd verify quality.  Runs simulations through Magma software on product models to determine the most efficeint tooling design and metal pouring process. Applies gating systems to the patterns.  CNC Programming Experience a must.  Magama software experience prefered; Any solidification software experience a must.

Pick Out / De-Core/Saw

Requirements:  Removes castings from shaker belt.  Takes castings and knocks out the cores with the De-core machine or the hand held machine as necessary.  Maintains clean work area free from sand pile up.  Carries out all duties & responsibilities in full accordance with the Company’s policies & procedures.  Fills out and records time on production sheet each day.  Performs other related duties as required or requested.  Adjusts the saw blade tension; saws castings removing the risers and gating.  Changes saw blades as required; cleans and provides routine maintenance on the saw.  Cut all Gates and Risers as close as possible.  Make sure all gates and risers are sprayed in right colors.  Inspect castings during the process and report any continuous scrap immediately to Supervisor and Quality Control Manager.  Fill out Scrap Report daily. 

Boose Quality Castings

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