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People. Purpose. Pride. That’s at the heart of who LCSWMA is as an employer. Find out how you can power your future to make great things happen by visiting

At LCSWMA we work together to protect our future and community. We provide incredible opportunities for personal and professional growth. We take pride in caring for our employees and their families. We make great things happen!


At the heart of LCSWMA is a dedicated team of industry professionals with a known reputation for EXCELLENCE.   Our employees are guided by our MISSION to manage waste as a resource to protect and benefit our community.  We have created a culture of empowered employees and deeply VALUE a safe, well and happy environment.

Life at LCSWMA

Culture is something you feel.  Indirectly, it’s something you see in our welcoming environment.  From the moment you step onto our property, you’ll know.  This is where you belong.  LCSWMA leadership is committed to the internal environment of employees by creating a culture of inclusivity and COLLABORATION.  Our employees work together to turn waste into a resource to benefit our community.

Work Environment

Good COMMUNICATION is an integral element to our success and fosters TRUST.  LCSWMA employees are productive and operate effectively because leadership is committed to providing feedback and cultivating ideas.  INNOVATION is embraced throughout our organization using experience to enhance performance with on the job training. 


Our teams are cross-functional and combine the strengths of each employee.  LCSWMA has created a SUPPORTIVE team environment where employees can excel and GROW


BALANCE is important to us too!  We offer a comprehensive benefits package, provide volunteer opportunities, and sponsor several community events.  We celebrate success! 

Employee Testimonials

Employees at LCSWMA took a survey to assess the overall engagement and satisfaction level throughout the organization.  88% of the employee population took time to give feedback on their experiences at LCSWMA. 


Some standout comments that we are proud to share about what employees like best about working at LCSWMA:


“The people! My coworkers are wonderful, and I enjoy working with them.  Everyone is helpful, hardworking and kind.  LCSWMA has a knack for hiring good people.”


“Benefits. Retirement plan. Time off. Training opportunities.  LCSWMA values its employees.”


“It is an organization that not only looks after its employees wellbeing and safety, but also strives to improve the quality of life in the communities in which its facilities might make an impact.”

Be part of an industry leader. Our employees enjoy working on a team that is dedicated to nationally recognized excellence in the waste industry for our integrated system.  We encourage you to POWER YOUR FUTURE and apply for a position today.

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